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Bitcoin Keeps Dominating

The positions of the top tokens remain unchanged. Bitcoin ceded 1% of the total market

Share over the last 7-days - it currently has a 40.7% share of the market.

Ethereum, in second place, also dropped 1% over the week. It currently has 18.4%

share of the market.

Followed by Tether (USDT) in third, roughly even on the week, holding about 6.2%

share of the market.

On a list of CoinMarketCaps’ Top 100 cryptocurrencies…

Flow (FLOW) - ranked 29th by total market cap - is the day’s biggest gainer.

The coin jumped 40% following the announcement that it will be integrating with social

media giant Instagram. The price is currently trading at $2.66.

On the other side of the market -

Optimism (OP) - ranked 89th by total market cap - is the day's biggest loser.

The token is down 13% after hitting a 30-day high on Wednesday (Aug. 3). The OP

token is currently trading at $1.81.

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