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Hacker wants 10 Bitcoin in exchange for...

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

#1: “Hacker wants 10 Bitcoin in exchange for Chinese citizens’ stolen data.”

Cryptoslate reports, “the hacker reportedly gained access to the Chinese

Shanghai police database stealing over 26 terabytes of personal data.”

#2: “Coin Loan Is the Latest to Limit User Withdrawals”.

On their website, Coin Loan called the action, “a temporary measure” and that

“every user can [still] withdraw up to $5,000 per 24-hour rolling period.”

#3: “Lido Token Jumps 24% as Staked Ethereum Slowly Repegs”.

Lido Finance is a popular staking platform for Ethereum and other

cryptocurrencies. Lido ($LDO) is currently trading at $0.56.

#4: “Tron's USDD Regains Stability After Tapping an All-Time Low at


$USDD is an algorithmic stablecoin issued by the TRON DAO (pronounced dow).

The stablecoin managed to regain its peg of $1 on July 3, after several

weeks of instability.

#5: “'Celsius Network Pays Back $120M of Debt to Maker”.

The headline hasn’t been officially confirmed, but statistics from DeFi Explore

show that vault #25977, which is believed to be owned by Celsius Network, sent

loan repayments to Maker, totaling around $120 million. The transactions

occurred on July 4th.

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