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Rapid-Fire Headlines:

1. “Manchester City Football Club announces new crypto sponsorship”

a. The new agreement will see crypto exchange OKX become Manchester

City’s Official Training Kit partner for the 2022/23 season. Last week, OKX

were also announced as presenting partner of Man City’s Trophy Tour

2022, the press release notes.

2. “Crypto adoption rate in Kenya is higher than the US”.

a. According to a United Nations survey, around 4.25 million Kenyans, or

8.5% of the population possess digital assets - compared to the US which

has 8.4% adoption - Bitcoinist reports.

3. “Accounting firm KPMG will audit the new British Pound stablecoin”.

a. Fintech firm Blackfridge has launched the new “poundtoken” ($GBPT), a

stablecoin that is fully backed by British Pound. The firm has hired KPMG

to do a monthly audit of the poundtoken’s reserves, Cointelegraph reports.

4. “A major South Korean telecom company is building a Web3 wallet”.

a. SK Telecom is teaming up with AhnLab Blockchain Company and Atomix

Lab to create a digital asset wallet that allows users to store, transmit, and

receive various types of blockchain tokens. Oh Se-hyeon, SKT's Digital

Asset CO Manager, said, "The current online environment is transitioning

to the Web3 era, in which users directly own and manage all data," - the

official press release reports.

5. “Yam Finance thwarts $3.1 million governance hack.”

a. According to Yam’s official report, the hacker made a malicious proposal

to try and change the admin of the Yam reserves. The Yam finance team

was able to cancel the proposal and block the malicious attack before it

could be successfully executed.

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