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Rapid Fire News

1. “Thousands of Uniswap users attacked in a malicious phishing hack”

a. According to reports, 73,399 addresses have been sent a malicious link,

which if interacted with, gives the hackers full control of a user’s wallet.

One user unknowingly interacted with the phishing message and was

robbed of over $8 million dollars.

2. “Brazilian FinTech PicPay is launching a crypto exchange”.

a. PicPay, which has 30 million active users, will provide access to bitcoin

($BTC), ether ($ETH) and Paxos’ USDP stablecoin. Anderson Chamon,

vice president of technology and products at PicPay said in a statement,

“PicPay will enter the crypto market to lead its popularization not only as

an investment, but also as a way to decentralize payments and other

financial services,”

3. “Two Japanese firms are using blockchain to trace recycled carbon fiber”.

a. LedgerInsights reports that Japanese firms Fujitsu and Teijin are

partnering on a blockchain solution to trace recycled industrial materials

used in manufacturing. Together the companies aim to promote

“sustainable manufacturing” and a “circular economy”.

4. “Solana’s Macalinao Brothers Launch $100M Venture Capital Fund -


a. Angel investor and Protagonist co-founder George Bousis told CoinDesk

in an interview, “our focus is mostly on emerging blockchains and

technologies where we feel that we can add value within those general

ecosystems or within those protocols.”

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