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Rapid Fire News

1. Another Twitter hack hits the NFT community.

The latest target was NFT influencer Zeneca, who has nearly 300,000 followers on

twitter. The hacker(s) posted phishing links on Zeneca’s Twitter and Discord accounts

with the goal of tricking unsuspecting users into connecting their wallets.

Twitter staff “locked down” the account shortly after the hack was identified.

After regaining access Zeneca tweeted out,

“This is some kinda something… still working through the aftermath… thank you

everyone for the support, please also direct it to those impacted by the attack.”

2. A Brazilian sportswoman made history by electing to take her entire salary

in Bitcoin.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter, Luana Pinheiro signed a partnership

with Bitwage, a Bitcoin payroll solutions provider, to receive the entirety of her salaried

income in Bitcoin.

Pinheiro cited inflation as the primary factor in her decision-making. She explained,

“Don’t forget I’m from Brazil, so I know a thing or two about inflation, and its

effects… Bitcoin is for that, to protect against inflation.”

3. Prosecutors Raid 7 Korean Exchanges in connection to the Terraform Labs

fraud investigation.

Yonhap News Agency reports that “a team of investigators from the Seoul Southern

District Prosecutors Office began seizing transaction records and other materials” from

seven exchanges and 8 other locations, including homes and offices.

The prosecutors plan to analyze the seized materials before determining the size of the

damage and whether the coins' collapse was caused “intentionally” by Terraform Labs'

CEO Do Kwon.

4. EarthFund launches the ‘Carbon Renewal DAO’ (pronounced ‘dow’), a

community-led project fighting climate change.

According to its website, EarthFund is a crypto-native community for crowdsourcing

projects that tackle humanity’s biggest problems.

Founder of the ‘Carbon Removal DAO’ Dr Lucy Tweed said of the initiative,

“The Carbon Removal cause is an accessible and inclusive community where

people can come together as a collective to support sustainable community-led

carbon removal projects and brings about real change.”

5. MetaDee, a new London-based NFT marketplace just launched exclusive

handwritten Quran NFTs dating back to the beginning of Islam.

Deepali Shukla, the founder, and managing director at MetaDee told Cointelegraph in an


"Scriptures from ancient times, for example, are often heard but seldom

appreciated in their fuller essence. Today, technology allows access to novel

treasures from their exclusive realm, while at the same time, manifesting their

goodness to the general public."

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