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"Smart Money"

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Our Smart Money segment is powered by research and analytics.

Nansen defines “Smart Money” as, “Wallets that are very active and prolific. Specifically,

this would be any wallet that is considered a fund, smart LP, or whale.”

They track these Smart Money wallets and aggregate the data so that We can see

what the Smart Money is doing.

The results are in.

The number one “Smart Money” destination over the past 24 hours is…

USDollar Coin ($USDC) - With over $36 million flowing into the token.

In second place is Wrapped Bitcoin ($wBTC), with a total inflow of $3.2 million.

On the reverse end - Smart Money is exiting the FTX Token ($FTT). Approximately $5.5

million $FTT was sold in the past 24 hours.

And finally, we’ll end today with a look at the #1 highest selling NFT from the

past 24-hours.

Today’s winner is…

Fidenze #911 by Tyler Hobbs.

The NFTs bio reads,

“Fidenza is by far my most versatile algorithm to date.”

The NFT was purchased by the wallet address Molite for 111 ETH, equal to $121,637 at

the time of purchase.

That does it for today.

Thanks, everyone for tuning in.

We’ll see you tomorrow.

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