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"Smart Money"

Now time for the “Smart Money” segment powered by research and


The number 1 Smart Money destination of the last 24-hours is USDC, with an increase

of $19.3M

While the 2nd most popular destination for Smart Money since yesterday is USDT -

increasing by $7.8M

The moves highlight Smart Money’s preference for stablecoin assets over the last

24-hour cycle - presumably as Bitcoin and Ethereum struggled to maintain daily prices.

The 7-day forecast shows that Smart Money is still more broadly “risk-on” - in particular

for Bitcoin - as the Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) token takes the number 1 spot with an

increase of $39.5M over the last 7-days.

Smart Money is exiting its Wrapped Ether (wETH) position. Almost $15 million has

traded-out in the last 24-hours, and nearly $70M in the past 7-days.

A clear indication that Smart Money is risk-averse, at least in the short-term, when it

comes to holding Wrapped Ether.

We’ll end today with a little crypto Arts and Culture - as we take a look at this

weeks #1 highest selling NFT.

And the winner is…

CryptoPunk #6874.

The CryptoPunk sold for 300 ETH, worth approximately $513K at the time of sale.

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