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  • Andy Katz

Smart Money

Updated: Aug 14, 2022 analyzes the on-chain data of crypto wallets that are “active and prolific” - such

as, “whales, funds, or smart LPs (smart-contract liquidity-providers)” - it calls these

wallets, Smart Money.

The number 1 Smart Money destination over the last 7-days is Wrapped Ether (wETH),

with an increase of $66.2M - 87% of this increase, representing about $57.7M, coming

just within the last 24-hours.

On the other side of the equation -

Smart Money is exiting its position in USD Coin (USDC). Approximately $58.8M USDC

has been traded in the last 24-hours - though on the 7-day chart, Smart Money still

holds a 12.6M position in USDC.

We’ll end today with a little crypto Arts and Culture - as we take a look at the

weeks #1 highest selling NFT.

And this week's winner is…

CryptoPunk #7622.

The CryptoPunk sold for 260 ETH, worth approximately $429K at the time of sale.

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