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The Dollar and the Euro have inflated to 40-year highs

Here’s a piece of well-known advice when it comes to investing - Buy Low , Sell High.

If you want to make a profit - that’s how you do it.

Buy the asset when it’s low - sell it when it goes up. Sounds simple. Right? Well in principle, yes. But, tell that to your friends who bought Bitcoin at $60K. When today, Bitcoin is trading at $20K. Nearly a 70% discount from the top.

Maybe not so great for your friends, but… Buy Low, Sell High, right?

Look, it’s no secret that the markets are down bad. And it’s not just Bitcoin and crypto. It’s all the markets. The global economy is hurting. The Dollar and the Euro have inflated to 40-year highs.

According to AAA, gas in the U.S. is the most expensive that it’s ever been. The average national gas price is currently $4.86 per gallon.

The Federal Reserve is aggressively raising interest rates - effectively shrinking the economy in an effort to fight soaring inflation.

Not to mention that a major war in Europe and the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic are severely impacting our global supply-chains (and human morale). People are hurting. But here’s a little tip - and don’t take it from me - take it from 19th-century British banker, Nathan “Baron” Rothschild,

Because when prices fall and markets tremble, a bold contrarian investment could reap you

life-changing rewards.

And my dear friends - there is blood in the crypto markets.

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